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Unlock the Power of Azure with Horton's Expert Guides 



Serverless Integration Platform

With a specifically curated set of 

integration services we are able to bring seamlessness, flexibility, and scalability to build, run, and manage versatile Application Integration 

Solutions in the cloud, across multiple clouds, on-premises, or a hybrid.

Azure Serverless, Pay as you Go/Grow paradigm changes the game. Any organization

now has access to a fully capable Integration Platform without the upfront costs

and complexities of classic Integration Platforms (IPaaS)

APIs > API Management

Microservices > Functions

Orchestration > Logic Apps

Messaging > Service Bus, ... 

Storage > Blobs, DBs, Datalake, ...

Operations > Log Analytics, ... 

Automation > DevOps Pipelines

and many more!

All backed by one of the market leaders in cloud computing. Leverage their continued investments in: 

 > Reliability

 > Scalability

 > Security

 > Innovation

All you need is a Microsoft Subscription, and you may already have one...

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