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Unlock the Power of MuleSoft with Horton's Expert Guides 

In the integration landscape, MuleSoft, a renowned integration platform that seamlessly unlocks real-time data from anywhere and powering your Customer 360 automation capabilities. At Horton Cloud Solutions, we harness and amplify this unparalleled strength. Our dedicated team of MuleSoft professionals are more than just service providers; they are your guides, partners, and steadfast allies. 

MuleSoft Staff Augmentation

Are you facing integration and resource challenges? Consider Horton's staff augmentation model. Our Pod teams seamlessly embed within your team, ensuring rapid project delivery and expertise every step of the way. 


Our Team, Your Advantage:


Seasoned Experts

Each member of our MuleSoft team boasts years of hands-on experience. We know the intricacies, the challenges, and the solutions like the back of our hand.


Your Guides

Think of us as your navigation system through the complexities of MuleSoft. We help you integrate faster, smarter, and more efficiently. Your success is our success.


Long-Term Partnership

Our commitment does not end post-integration. We are here for the long haul, ensuring that as your business grows and evolves, your integrations remain optimal, secured, and hassle-free.


Succeeding, Side by Side

With Horton by your side, integrations become a collaborative effort. Let's tackle them together. We take the weight of integrations off your shoulders, allowing you to redirect your focus and energy to core business activities.

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The Horton Pod Approach 

Tailored Expertise

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Each Pod is carefully crafted with a team of experts, including strategists, solution architects and developers, specifically customized to align with your industry and project needs. Our pod size is flexible, allowing you to tailor your team precisely to your specific requirements and budget.


By integrating directly into your team as a staff augmentation model, our Pods ensure deeper collaboration and a significantly faster time to market.


With all essential roles united in one team, we eliminate communication lags, ensuring a streamlined integration process that is cost-effective.

Ongoing Partnership

Our dedicated Pod is available not only for your initial project but also stands ready to manage and adapt to all your future integration needs.

Securing MuleSoft talent is hard. Horton's pod method seamlessly joins your team, offering a simplified, dedicated integration partnership. 

You can read more on our MuleSoft expertise and staff augmentation Pod approach here

"Horton Cloud has rapidly become a valuable partner to our organization, providing stellar integration resources for those times when we have more complex projects than available in-house resources. I look forward to continuing this partnership!"

Angela Tennant - Manager, Integration Team.  RafterOne 

Top 5 Reason To Choose Horton


1 / MuleSoft Experts

We Have journeyed with MuleSoft from its earliest days. Our team members have been harnessing the power of MuleSoft since its infancy, guaranteeing you unparalleled expertise. 

2 / Genuine, Long-Term Partnership

Opting for Horton is not just picking a service. It is forging a trusted partnership, committed to your business's continuous success beyond a single project

3 / Expertise Beyond MuleSoft 

Horton’s expertise isn't limited to MuleSoft. We are equipped to cater to a broad range of platforms and integration needs, ensuring versatility for your projects. 

4 / Stress-Free Staffing

Eliminate recruitment stress. With Horton, tap into top integration engineers, allowing your team to focus on key business tasks.

5 / Expertise Beyond MuleSoft 

At Horton, independence and objective advice are our trademarks. Need a second viewpoint or considering other routes? Contact us; let's explore your options.

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