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Azure Integration Services: Tech and Licensing Summarized

In this blog, we'll delve into the intricacies of Azure Integration Services (AIS), highlighting its individual components and how they synergize to offer a cohesive integration solution diving into the tech that makes up the Azure Integration services offering and licensing costs summarized.

Most notably, Azure sets itself apart with a unique licensing model: "Pay only for what you use." This ensures businesses attain maximum flexibility and value, tailoring their investments to their actual needs rather than being bound by fixed packages. Dive in to learn more about how Azure is revolutionizing the integration landscape with both its technology and customer-centric pricing!   The six components of Azure Integration Services today are:

  • Logic Apps – which provides Creating Workflows and Orchestrations of business processes to connect hundreds of services in the cloud and on-premises.

  • API Management - which provides an API service to Publish your APIs securely for internal and external developers to use when connecting to backend systems hosted anywhere.

  • Service Bus - which provides Reliable enterprise messaging for Connecting on-premises and cloud-based applications and services to implement highly secure messaging workflows.

  • Event Grid - provides Raising and Delivering Events to Azure and third-party services using a fully managed event-routing service with a publish-subscribe model that simplifies event-based app development.

  • Azure Functions - which provides Simplified complex orchestration problems with an event-driven serverless compute platform.

  • Azure Data Factory – which provides an ability to Visually Integrate Data Sources to Construct ETL and ELT Processes and accelerate data transformation, using 90+ pre-built connectors to manage data pipelines and support enterprise workflows including Salesforce.

What really makes Azure Integration Services stand out from the Integration-as-a-Service (iPaaS) pack though?

Emphasizing a "pay for what you use" approach, Azure Integration Services offers individualized options rather than bundled packages. Unlike traditional on-premises solutions like BizTalk Server, or Cloud Integration Platforms like Boomi, Tibco and MuleSoft, with Azure, you have the freedom to select and pay for only the services you require and only for what you use. This ensures you get maximum value and flexibility, aligning costs with actual usage. You do not need to purchase every service to get the only features you require!

Unlock unparalleled integration flexibility with Azure Integration Services - a tailored solution that lets you choose and pay for only what truly benefits your organization. Elevate your integration game without the unnecessary overhead.

If you have questions about whether Azure Integration Services is the right choice for your organization, reach out. We're here to provide insights and guidance.

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