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Azure Integration Services: The Integration Platform You Didn't Know You Already Had (Video)

Azure Integration Services (AIS) is the platform many organizations heavily invested in Azure didn't realize they had. We often hear from Microsoft Azure clients that they were either unaware of AIS or the true extent of its capabilities, wishing they had known before purchasing expensive third-party integration platforms they didn't need as part of their strategy. Dive into this video where Tim and Derek explain AIS's capabilities, comparing it to popular iPaaS solutions like MuleSoft, Boomi, Workato, and TIBCO. They also discuss pricing differences, highlighting AIS's consumption-based pay-as-you-grow billing model vs. the standard iPaaS Platform License and pre-buy compute business model.

Tim and Derek introduce themselves and the concept behind Integration Insider, emphasizing their goal to share valuable insights into API and cloud integrations.

AIS is a comprehensive integration platform included in your Azure subscription. Many enterprises are unaware of its capabilities, which can rival and often surpass those of more well-known iPaaS solutions.

Azure boasts over 200 products and services, with AIS standing out as a powerful tool for integration needs.

AIS comprises several key services designed to streamline integration:

  • Logic Apps: Create workflows and orchestrate business processes.

  • Service Bus: Securely connect on-premises and cloud-based applications.

  • API Management: Publish APIs securely for internal and external use.

  • Event Grid: Manage event routing with a publish-subscribe model.

  • Azure Functions: Simplify complex orchestration problems.

  • Azure Data Factory: Integrate data sources for ETL and ELT processes.

AIS is compared to MuleSoft and other iPaaS platforms. AIS often pulls ahead due to its comprehensive service suite and seamless integration within the Azure ecosystem.

Unlike other iPaaS solutions that require upfront annual licensing fees, AIS operates on a

subscription model, allowing you to pay only for what you use.

AIS’s pay-as-you-grow model ensures cost efficiency, making it easier for businesses to scale their integration capabilities without hefty upfront investments.

AIS generally offers a more cost-effective solution compared to MuleSoft. The subscription model of AIS can result in significant savings.

For organizations already invested in Azure, AIS aligns better with existing infrastructure and skill sets, particularly for teams familiar with C#.

AIS benefits from being part of the Azure ecosystem, providing unmatched integration with other Microsoft services and robust security features backed by significant investment.

Using AIS allows organizations to leverage their existing C# talent, avoiding the need for specialized training required by other platforms like MuleSoft.

If you have any questions or want to explore migrating to AIS, feel free to contact us. We're here to help!

Watch the full video here: Azure Integration Services Overview


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