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Azure or MuleSoft? You Have Choice for Your Salesforce and Enterprise Integrations

The digital landscape today offers a plethora of options when it comes to systems integration platforms and tools. At Horton, we believe in presenting our clients with choices that cater to their unique needs, preferences, and scale of operations. Whether you're a budding business looking for flexible, cost-effective solutions or an expansive enterprise in search of robust, holistic integrations, we have the perfect solutions for you: Microsoft's Azure Integration Services (AIS) and MuleSoft for your integrations.

Let's dive into both options below:


Quick Integration Scenario Analysis (MuleSoft vs. AIS)

Integration Scenario



You require a cost-efficient solution for a small team

Azure Integration Services (AIS)

AIS offers simplified setups for teams with limited tech know-how and a cost-effective, pay-as-you-use model, saving substantial costs for lean teams.

Targeting Wide-Ranging Integrations Across Hybrid, Cloud, and On-Prem systems

Azure Integration Services (AIS)

AIS caters well to organizations aiming to interconnect a diverse range of systems, be it hybrid, cloud, or on-prem. While AIS provides comprehensive integration capabilities beyond just Microsoft, it's especially beneficial for businesses already acquainted with Microsoft tools, making it an efficient and intuitive choice for smaller organizations.

You're a Large organization with a dedicated team

and have highly complex integration needs

Azure Integration Services (AIS) or MuleSoft

Azure AIS and MuleSoft are suited for organizations with substantial IT units, providing specialized tools and functionalities that large, dedicated teams can fully harness.

Need to Deploy on Your Managed Bare-Metal Servers


Leveraging MuleSoft's Runtime Fabric enables organizations to seamlessly deploy applications within their own infrastructure—be it AWS, Azure, VMs, or bare-metal servers—ensuring optimized integration with Mule runtimes and enhanced control over their environment. This approach offers both the flexibility of infrastructure choice and the convenience of deploying from the Anypoint Platform's cloud console, streamlining application management and bolstering security.

Azure Integration Services (AIS): The New Horizon of Integrations

Azure Integration Services, a product of Microsoft's genius, is a cloud-based platform tailored especially for businesses looking for seamless data integration. This platform ensures that various business applications communicate effortlessly, heralding a new era of operational efficiency for Salesforce integrations and beyond.

Why Azure Integration Services? 

  • Versatile Integration Points: Whether it's API-led, batch, real-time, or hybrid integrations, Azure's got you covered. This flexibility positions Azure as a go-to solution for businesses wanting to integrate legacy on-prem systems with cloud solutions.

  • Components of Azure Integration Services: Rather than being a singular tool, AIS is an amalgamation of multiple Azure services, including Logic Apps, API Management, Service Bus, Event Grid, Azure Functions, and Azure Data Factory (See our blog here for further detail). What sets Azure apart is its decision to avoid bundling all these services into one integration product. This ensures cost-effectiveness, as you're only billed for the services you utilize, positioning Azure as a more budget-friendly alternative to its market competitors.

  • Cost-Effective and Scalable: What sets Azure apart is its pay-only-for-what-you-use model, not just for its services, but also for its compute costs. This billing approach sidesteps hefty upfront licensing fees for unused services and compute power, offering substantial cost savings over alternative Integration Platforms. By ensuring integration is viable for businesses of all sizes, Azure champions affordability and scalability, empowering organizations to start small and expand as their needs evolve.

  • The Horton Pod™ Approach for Azure: At Horton, we're driven by innovation. Our Horton Pods stand as a testament to this ethos, offering a pioneering approach to staff augmentation. These flexible and scalable pods are designed to ensure you have the perfect blend of talent, tailored to both your budget and specific requirements. Seamlessly integrating with your internal teams, Horton Pods are adept at navigating and addressing the unique intricacies and challenges specific to your Azure integration journey.

The Horton Edge with Azure: If you're already a user of Azure services, AIS's integration becomes even more seamless. Plus, our expert Pods stand ready to guide and aid your integration journey with Azure, ensuring you maximize the platform's potential.

Additionally, in terms of financial models, MuleSoft's upfront licensing leans more towards a CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) approach with its significant initial investment, while Azure's pay-as-you-go structure aligns with an OPEX (Operational Expenditure) model, offering flexibility by charging only for the services consumed. For a more detailed overview of AIS and the services Horton Provides you can read our AIS blog here  

MuleSoft: An Integration Market Leader For Large Scale Enterprise

In today's dynamic age of digital transformation, businesses are perpetually evolving, bringing with them an imperative for smooth integration. Recognizing this, Salesforce, a trailblazer in the CRM landscape, acquired MuleSoft in 2018, a market leader in integration solutions. Together, this partnership presents unparalleled data and application integration prowess.

Why MuleSoft? 

  • Tailored for Large Enterprises: MuleSoft is renowned for its API-led connectivity, offering large enterprises a myriad of benefits ranging from harmonizing complex processes to ensuring data uniformity across different systems and facilitating both cloud and hybrid integration solutions.

  • Horton's Commitment: Wherever you stand on your MuleSoft integration journey, Horton is right there with you, bringing a wealth of expertise. Our approach is comprehensive, from crafting strategic roadmaps in line with your business goals to seamless execution and ongoing support.

  • The Horton Pod™ Approach: We believe in innovating. Horton Pods are our unique, flexible, and scalable approach to staff augmentation, ensuring you have the right team mix, tailored to your budget and specific needs. These Pods assimilate effortlessly into your internal teams, understanding your unique challenges and intricacies.

  • Best Practices with MuleSoft: Every tool's potential is maximized when best practices are observed. Horton champions these for MuleSoft, ensuring an optimized integration. From data mapping, error handling to API-led connectivity, we strive for excellence.

For a more detailed overview of MuleSoft and the services Horton Provides you can read our MuleSoft blog here.     Ready to Embark on Your Integration Journey? Not sure which integration solution fits best for your business needs? Whether it's Azure, MuleSoft, or another platform altogether, our Horton experts are here to assist. With a keen understanding of both systems, we can guide you in the right direction, ensuring that your integration solution aligns perfectly with your business goals. Get in touch with our Horton expert team today to assess the right direction for you and set you on the right path towards seamless, efficient, and effective integration.


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