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Your MuleSoft Experts for Salesforce Integrations - From Planning, Execution to Managed

In an era dominated by digital transformation and the move towards cloud-native integration, businesses globally are on the lookout for adept iPaaS tools. Salesforce, a leader in CRM integration, collaborates effortlessly with MuleSoft, a premier integration solution. This combination yields unparalleled data and application integration capabilities, a specialty of Horton Cloud Solutions. We are MuleSoft Experts for Salesforce Integrations

Why MuleSoft for Salesforce Integration? 

MuleSoft is a leading integration platform designed especially for businesses focusing on API-led connectivity. Large enterprises stand to gain multiple benefits from MuleSoft. From harmonizing complex processes, ensuring data uniformity across systems, to facilitating cloud and hybrid integration solutions, MuleSoft excels.

Meeting You Where You Are in Your MuleSoft Journey  Regardless of your stage with MuleSoft Salesforce integrations, Horton stands beside you, offering expertise. Need an objective look at your Salesforce CRM integration's architecture and execution? Our team provides invaluable feedback and direction.

Our Approach to MuleSoft Salesforce Integration: 

  • Design & Planning: Crafted roadmaps that resonate with your business goals.

  • Implementation & Execution: Seamless integrations that amplify your business functionalities.

  • Managed & Ongoing Support: Continuous support ensuring your integrations remain adaptive to Salesforce's evolution.

Our Staff Augmentation Approach - Horton Pods:

Horton’s approach to staff augmentation goes beyond the traditional. Introducing Horton Pods: flexible, scalable, and tailored to meet your needs and budget. A Pod can comprise any combination of strategists, architects, and developers, and they become embedded into your in-house team. Consistent throughout the project's life, they integrate seamlessly with your organization, understanding its unique intricacies. This model ensures collaboration, culture, and expertise are at the forefront of your MuleSoft Salesforce integration project.

MuleSoft Best Practices and More 

With any tool, success hinges on adhering to best practices. Horton champions MuleSoft best practices, ensuring not only a successful but also an optimized integration. Be it data mapping, error handling, or API-led connectivity, our goal is to leverage MuleSoft to its fullest potential, tapping into modern integration methods for the best outcomes.

Engage with Horton:

Your Independent Salesforce data integration specialists! Our sole focus is data, application and system integration - We are experts.  Whether you're in need of a strategist, an architect, or development assistance, Horton stands ready. We emphasize client-centric solutions, ensuring your MuleSoft and Salesforce CRM integration journey is smooth and effective. As more than just an integration firm, we view ourselves as your partners in digital transformation.


Reach out today, and let's unlock the full potential of MuleSoft for your business, ensuring you make the most of your MuleSoft investment.


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