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MuleSoft Managed Integrations

At Horton, we understand the challenges businesses face in managing their MuleSoft environments. Our Managed Service offering is designed to alleviate these pain points, allowing you to focus on your core business while we handle the complexities of your integration needs.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your MuleSoft Investment with Horton

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Top 4 Reasons for Managed Integrations

Enhanced ROI

By leveraging our Managed Service, you will see a reduction in ongoing operational costs associated with managing and monitoring your MuleSoft platform. 


Our team ensures optimized issue identification and resolution, ongoing monitoring, timely patching, security considerations, and Return to Operations (RTO) ultimately enhancing your Integrations total ROI. 

Improved Efficiency

At Horton, we take full responsibility for knowledge transfer within our team, freeing you from the burden of training and onboarding. Once up to speed our Long-Term Partner perspective ensures that knowledge is retained and leveraged over time to gain efficiencies. This allows your team to concentrate on your business while we manage your existing integrations and automations seamlessly. 

Expert Guidance

Our team comprises seasoned integration architects and developers who have deployed proven integration solutions leveraging common integration design patterns across many industries ensuring that your integration solutions are not only effective but also aligned with best practices.  


Our guidance on overall architecture, security, performance optimization, and stability maximization will elevate the quality of your integrations while ensuring the right outcomes for your business. 

Future-proofing Your Investment

With Horton as your managed service provider and long term partner, you gain the flexibility to scale our team up or down as needed.  This adaptability allows your organization to efficiently execute future initiatives and enhancements at pace.  As your initiatives delivery and realize your key business outcomes, the expanded integration solution seamlessly transition to the existing managed integration service, ensuring ongoing continuous support and optimized performance.  

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Why Managed Integrations?

The Challenge: Limited Resources, Growing Integration Needs

As your business grows, so do your integration needs. Many organizations find themselves with small IT teams that lack the resources to effectively manage and innovate on the MuleSoft platform. This can lead to delays, security vulnerabilities, and missed opportunities.


The Solution: Expert Management and Innovation

Horton offers a comprehensive Managed MuleSoft Services package. Our team of MuleSoft experts acts as an extension of your own, dedicated to building and managing your integrations. We ensure your integrations are secure, compliant, and always evolving to meet your business goals. With our support, you can focus on strategic initiatives, knowing that your MuleSoft environment is in capable hands.

Error Handling

Security & Compliance

Scalable Resources

Certified Architect & Developer Team

Proactive Monitoring

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Added Benefits Beyond Managed Support

Access to Expert Team

Gain access to strategists and architects who regularly review and build scalable architecture. They ensure new integration projects are done right, considering your current setup, security, and cost.

Development Team for Implementation

Have a full development team ready to implement any future integration projects, maximizing the benefits of your MuleSoft licensing.

Continous Support and Growth

Horton Cloud Integrations ensures your internal resources never hold you back from new integration projects and automating business processes.

Reliable Partner

Hand off your integration needs to a dependable partner so you can focus on other things. Like Horton the Elephant from Dr. Seuss, we are dependable, trustworthy, and always have your best interests in mind. We support your enterprise’s growth and the scale of your business.

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Flexible Managed Options: From Fully Managed to Co-Managed, Tailored to Your Enterprise's Needs

Meet our Pricing Options


Access As Needed

Integration Strategists and Architects: Access senior experts for new integration projects. 

Development Team for Implementation: Access a development team for future projects. 

Full service, fully Managed Services so you don't have to. Ensuring your integrations will never be the bottleneck for your organization's growth.

Our fully managed services offer end-to-end integration management, ensuring all operations run smoothly and efficiently. With our expert team handling everything from performance monitoring to security management, you can focus on your core business while we take care of the complexities.

Fully Managed So You Don't Have To


Performance Monitoring: Ensure smooth integration operations

Security Management: Keep your data and systems secure

On-call Support: Expert help whenever you need it

Automated Updates: Stay current with essential updates and patches

Cost Monitoring: Control vCore and server expenses

Abstract Lines

"Horton Cloud has rapidly become a valuable partner to our organization, providing stellar integration resources for those times when we have more complex projects than available in-house resources. I look forward to continuing this partnership"

Angela Tennant - Manager, Integration Team RafterOne

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Horton Cloud

Horton specializes in Systems Integration offering integration strategy, design, delivery, and ongoing managed services for MuleSoft and Azure Integration Services (AIS). 

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