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Integration Delivery Services on Azure Integration Services (AIS)

While many recognize Azure for its cloud infrastructure, few truly grasp the depth of its integration capabilities. Dive in with us to reveal the untapped potential of Azure Integration Services (AIS), presenting a compelling case for a Integration Platform you may already have at your finger tips or an alternative to other Integration Platforms (IPaaS) & tools you might currently employ

Outcome Focused, Purposeful Delivery of Value to your Oganization

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More than Just the Cloud

Many have Azure subscriptions without realizing they have already unlocked one of the most powerful integration platforms on the market.  Let Horton help you discover the hidden potential of Azure Integration Services (AIS).

Why Azure Integration Tops Other Integration Solutions


Save over 80% on compute & tooling costs, benefiting from the pay-as-you-go consumption model that ensures you only pay for what you use.

No Annual License

No upfront or annual license fees make it a cost-effective choice compared to standard Integration solutions on the market.


An intuitive & visual design, ensuring accessibility for general non-specialized in-house teams, resulting in faster deployments with a shorter learning curve.

You Use Azure

Unlock seamless integration within the Azure ecosystem, eliminate the need to learn & license another platform. You're likely already leveraging Azure.


Overview of Azure Integration Services (AIS)

Azure Integration Services (AIS) is your comprehensive suite of integration tools and services within the Azure ecosystem, seamlessly connecting applications, streamlining operations, managing APIs, and more. AIS seamlessly blends with Azure, ensuring a lower learning curve for your team.

Backed by Microsoft's industry-leading security investments, AIS offers a cost-effective and secure choice that rivals or surpasses other solutions providing robust features at a fraction of the cost.

The Key Services & Capabilities of AIS

Unlock the Power of Azure Integration Services (AIS): Explore the seven key products that empower seamless integration within the Azure ecosystem and how they compare to MuleSoft's offerings.

 Azure Logic Apps:

  • Visual Workflow Automation with Pre-built Connectors

    • Comparable to MuleSoft's Anypoint Studio for visually building integrations with connectors.

  • Advantage: Azure Logic Apps offers seamless integration with the broader Azure ecosystem, simplifying the management of Azure resources.

Azure Service Bus:

  • Reliable Messaging with Eventing Capabilities

    • Comparable to MuleSoft's MuleSoft Anypoint MQ for reliable messaging.

  • Advantage: Azure Service Bus provides deep integration with Azure services, optimizing messaging within Azure environments.

Azure API Management:

  • API Creation with Security and Analytics

    • Comparable to MuleSoft's MuleSoft Anypoint API Manager for API creation, security, and analytics.

  • Advantage: Azure API Management offers extensive security features and integrates seamlessly with Azure services, ensuring robust API management.

Azure Functions

  • Serverless Compute for Event-Driven Apps

    • Comparable to MuleSoft's ability to utilize serverless compute solutions like AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, or Azure Functions.

  • Advantage: Azure Functions are tightly integrated with Azure services, simplifying serverless application development and management.

Azure Event Grid:

  • Real-time Event Handling for Automation

    • Comparable to MuleSoft's capability to handle real-time events through various connectors and custom integration flows.

  • Advantage: Azure Event Grid offers event-driven architecture with comprehensive event filtering and routing capabilities.

Azure Data Factory:

  • Data Integration with ETL Capabilities

    • Comparable to MuleSoft, which offers ETL capabilities through Anypoint DataWeave transformations.

  • Advantage: Azure Data Factory is designed for big data scenarios and integrates seamlessly with Azure data services.

Horton Expert Guidance: Staff Augmentation

Your Guides to Fast-Tracking Azure Integration Services Implementation
Through Horton's unique Pod team approach to staff augmentation, experience seamless Azure Integration implementation with expert guidances. Our tailored Horton Pod teams, consisting of strategists, architects, project managers, and developers, embed seamlessly into your organization, ensuring a streamlined and successful integration process.

5 Reasons To Choose Azure & Horton


Consumption-based billing ensures you pay only for the resources you use as you expand.

No Annual Licence Fees

Azure eliminates the hassle of annual license costs, making it a financially appealing choice.

Simplified Integrations

Azure offers an intuitive design, reducing learning curves for smoother deployments.

It's Microsoft Azure - You're Likely Already Using it...

If you're already using Azure services, AIS seamlessly integrates without the need for learning a new platform & stretching security.

Horton, Azure Integration Services (AIS) Specialists

Leverage our expert pods to guide your integration journey effectively. As a Microsoft Partner, Horton focuses on and specializes in AIS.


Ready to explore if Azure Integration Services is the right fit for your organization?

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