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Connect. Transform. Scale

Systems Integration Specialists

As a Microsoft business partner, Horton specializes in Azure Integration Services (AIS),
offering integration design, delivery, and managed services.

Our Story


At Horton we believe that technology should work in harmony, seamlessly integrating with your business to enhance productivity, streamline operations, and enable scale and innovation.


Our elephant logo symbolizes strength, reliability, and wisdom - qualities that are reflected in our company and solutions.

Our name is inspired by the classic tale of "Horton Hears a Who", we believe that every business challenge is significant, no matter how big or how small and understand the importance of listening closely to our clients' needs to provide innovative and customized cloud solutions.

Bridging Digital Divides with Horton's Integration Expertise

In today's enterprise landscape, the proliferation of applications and systems often results in digital silos. Horton is here as your partner, offering tailored integration services, seamlessly connecting an array of systems from Salesforce to Dynamics, and spanning API-led cloud environments to on-premises infrastructure.

Our approach transforms fragmented systems into a unified data ecosystem: Connect diverse technologies, Transform operational workflows, and Scale efficiently.

Salesforce customer 360 integration to outside systems

Enabling your Business at Scale
through Azure Integration Services (AIS)

Horton helps organizations navigate the complexities of Data Integration and realize the benefits of a suite of 
connected business applications.

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In today's digital age, seamless connectivity is paramount. Horton helps bridge disparate systems, ensuring organizations remain agile and interconnected, ready to meet the ever-evolving demands of the digital landscape.


Adapting to change is no longer optional; it's a prerequisite. With Horton, organizations undergo transformative integration processes, adapting their frameworks to be more responsive and innovative in a transforming world.


Growth and scalability go hand in hand. Horton ensures that as organizations expand, their integrations evolve in tandem, facilitating a smooth ascent in the competitive digital sphere, always primed for the next opportunity.


integration can enhance an organizations overall security strategy by centralizing access controls, enabling data encryption, monitoring and auditing data movement, and reducing data silos therefore lowering the risk of breaches

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