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A Connected Enterprise for all
no matter how big or how small

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Enabling your Business at Scale
through Azure Integration & Automation Services

To navigate the complexities

of scaling your business and to successfully delivery any meaningful digital transformation project, you will require an Integration solution as part of an overall Connected Enterprise.

Do you need an

Integration Solution?

Turns out you may already have one! 

Microsoft Azure Integration Services are designed to make enterprise application integration solutions obtainable by leveraging its cloud services & technologies available through your existing/new subscription

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Serverless Integration Platform
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The Microsoft Azure cloud platform is comprised of hundreds of products and services that are designed specifically to help organizations innovative and solve modern challenges such as connectivity & automation. 


With a specifically curated set of products and services we are able to bring seamlessness, flexibility, and scalability to build, run, and manage versatile Application Integration and Automation Solutions in the cloud, across multiple clouds, on-premises, or a hybrid.

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Serverless Orchestration

The heart of the integration, the Azure LogicApps orchestrate the flow of data and Azure Functions implement the core logic required to exchange critical data and automate your business processes seamlessly 

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Event Based Messaging

For comprehensive solutions that need to react to incoming events, or send/receive high volume messages Azure Service Bus, Event Grid, and Event Hub provide robust and secure messaging platforms to the solution

Azure DevOps.png

DevOps Automation

Azure DevOps wraps all Integration Solutions providing the foundations of CI/CD and DevOps via Source Code Control, Artifact Management, and Automated Build & Release Pipelines.

Azure Secure Access.png

Secure Access to Data

Secure, Control, and Analyze Access to your published Data Assets through the Azure API Manager and Securely access your all your Applications, (On-Prem or Cloud)

by extending your Private Network  with Azure VNets.

Secure Data Storage

Whether it's an Intermediary or a Source/Destination; Permanent or Temporary; Analytics; leverage a multitude of secure Storage Services to fit the need and compliment the overall Integration Solution 

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The Horton Cloud


Horton Cloud was founded on multiple decades of integration and automation experience and we are continuing to ever expand.. Our experience is the

core of the value we bring to your organization to help you succeed!


We focus on integration and automation services leveraging the Microsoft Azure Platform and all of its products and services. We are dedicate, specialized, and certified to be able to provide the highest quality Azure Integration services


We offer a wide range of flexible and customizable engagements designed to support your organization to successfully navigate and benefit from an integrated and automated suite of business applications.

our ADVANTAGE Service

Long(er) Term Partnership

Designed to integrate into & augment your organization to provide continuous value and support 

classic DELIVERY Service

Duration/Scope Bound w Estimates 

Designed to work with your organization to deliver a specific set of capabilities through a project or program

call IN Service

A Small, Fixed Set of Hours 

Designed to allow us to jump in and help your organization to move a piece or two forward and realize value

Innovation + Speed = Advantage

Business Agility is critical in todays modern ecosystem.

Innovation alone is simply not enough any longer, businesses must be able to turn innovation into reality AND do so at speed to outpace the competition.


Let us help you turn most organizations biggest challenge into your Advantage!


Let us help set you up on the right path enabling your business to realize the value of integrated apps and automated processes providing both delivery and stability as you get going


Your business is growing and your resources are strained. Let us continue to bring value through our partnership and further automation of your key business processes


Success breeds success and it's time to invest in scale. Let us help stand up & ramp up your internal integration team and continue to deliver critical projects enabling your business grow rapidly


Your team is crushing it and so is your business, but you know it can always be better and there's always that next project. We'll augment your team and help them continue

to deliver business value

Supporting your organization all along the Journey

Let's Get Started
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