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Connect your enterprise,
scale your business.

Making enterprise grade Integration and Automation solutions accessible to any organization 

Our Story


At Horton Cloud, we believe that technology should work in harmony, seamlessly integrating with your business to enhance productivity, streamline operations, and enable scale and innovation.


Our elephant logo symbolizes strength, reliability, and wisdom - qualities that are reflected in our company and solutions.

Our name is inspired by the classic tale of "Horton Hears a Who", we believe that every business challenge is significant, no matter how big or how small and understand the importance of listening closely to our clients' needs to provide innovative and customized cloud solutions.

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Enabling your Business at Scale
through Azure Integration and Automation Services

Horton Cloud helps organizations navigate the complexities of Data Integration and realize the benefits of a suite of connected business applications.


integration can help businesses scale by automating manual tasks and streamlining business processes therefore reducing costs and workload on key resources allowing them to focus on business initiatives


Integration exchanges key data at critical points in time providing valuable insights that businesses can leverage to make more informed decisions, optimize their operations, and enhance collaboration across departments



integration can aid an organization to be nimble, adaptive, and innovative by supporting them to more rapidly and effectively pivot solutions to give them an advantage with changing market conditions and customer needs


integration can enhance an organizations overall security strategy by centralizing access controls, enabling data encryption, monitoring and auditing data movement, and reducing data silos therefore lowering the risk of breaches

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Virtual Integration Strategist

Guiding and maximizing your integration potential.

Unlock seamless connectivity, on demand, and at the level you need.


Our Virtual Integration Strategist as a service provides all the organizational and strategic benefits of a full-time integration strategist without the substantial full-time cost of employing and retaining a highly skilled and experienced resource.

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Serverless Integration Platform

With a specifically curated set of 

integration services we are able to bring seamlessness, flexibility, and scalability to build, run, and manage versatile Application Integration 

Solutions in the cloud, across multiple clouds, on-premises, or a hybrid.

Azure Serverless, Pay as you Go/Grow paradigm changes the game. Any organization

now has access to a fully capable Integration Platform without the upfront costs

and complexities of classic Integration Platforms (IPaaS)

APIs > API Management

Microservices > Functions

Orchestration > Logic Apps

Messaging > Service Bus, ... 

Storage > Blobs, DBs, Datalake, ...

Operations > Log Analytics, ... 

Automation > DevOps Pipelines

and many more!

All backed by one of the market leaders in cloud computing. Leverage their continued investments in: 

 > Reliability

 > Scalability

 > Security

 > Innovation

All you need is a Microsoft Subscription, and you may already have one...

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The Horton Cloud


Horton Cloud was founded on multiple decades of integration and automation experience and we are continuing to ever expand.. Our experience is the

core value we bring to your organization to help you hit your goals and succeed!


We focus on integration and automation services leveraging the Microsoft Azure Platform and its products and services. We are dedicate, specialized, and certified to be able to provide you the highest quality Integration services


We offer a wide range of flexible and customizable engagements designed to support your organization to successfully navigate and benefit from an integrated and automated suite of business applications.

Supporting your organization at anypoint along the Journey


Let us help set you up on the right path enabling your business to realize the value of integrated apps and automated processes providing both delivery and stability as you get going


Your business is growing and your resources are strained. Let us continue to bring value through our partnership and further automation of your key business processes


Success breeds success and it's time to invest in scale. Let us help stand up & ramp up your internal integration team and continue to deliver critical projects enabling your business grow rapidly


Your team is crushing it and so is your business, but you know it can always be better and there's always that next project. We'll augment your team and help them continue

to deliver business value

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