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Beyond Salesforce: Integrating Your Entire Digital Ecosystem 

Salesforce stands as the global CRM benchmark. Building on its Customer 360 vision, Horton seamlessly integrates all external systems, applications, and data, extending Salesforce's reach. This creates a holistic Customer 360 view across all organizational systems, from API-led cloud to on-premises, batch to real-time. With Horton, transform fragmented systems into a unified data ecosystem and realize your company's full potential: Connect, Transform, and truly Scale. 

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Our Unique Salesforce Integration Approach,  The Horton Pod

When it comes to Salesforce integrations, it is more than just connecting systems. It is about crafting the perfect plan that pushes Salesforce to its fullest, all while matching your specific business needs.


With the Horton Pod Approach, we make sure of two things: you get the right team that understands your business, and the best integration tool to tackle it head-on. 

Tailored Team

Horton Pods bring together experts - from strategists to developers - tailored to your industry and integration needs. Adjust the Pod size to fit your specific demands and budget.

Embedded Efficiency

Integrating closely with your team, our Pods enhance collaboration and eliminate communication delays, ensuring quicker, more streamlined Salesforce integrations that are cost-effective.

Ongoing Partnership

Our Horton Pod's commitment goes beyond just one project, always ready to assist with your future Salesforce integration needs.

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MuleSoft or Azure Integration Services? 

At Horton, we harness the capabilities of MuleSoft and Azure Integration Services, two market leaders. Each boasts distinct strengths, and we're adept at maximizing both.  Understanding your options:



  • Designed for enterprise-grade solutions. 

  • Full lifecycle API management with Anypoint Platform. 

  • Seamless Salesforce integration capabilities. 

  • Supports microservices architecture for scalable solutions. 

  • Powerful data transformation with DataWeave. 


Azure Integration Services

  • Cost-effective pay-as-you-go model. 

  • Logic Apps for simple, effective workflow automation. 

  • Easy integration with Azure ecosystem. 

  • Simplified design suitable for smaller in-house teams. 

  • User-friendly with a gentle learning curve. 

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Beyond Salesforce: From Silos to Seamless Unity 

For businesses driving digital transformation, a true Customer 360 view extends beyond just Salesforce. By integrating external systems, you ensure every touchpoint contributes to a unified customer perspective

ERP Systems

Directly linking your Enterprise Resource Planning software with Salesforce ensures you're making decisions based on the most current data, from inventory levels to order statuses.


HR Systems

Integrating Human Resources systems with Salesforce can help in aligning team goals, tracking performance, and ensuring effective internal communication. 


Customer Support Tools

Synchronize support tickets, feedback, and other customer-related issues directly with Salesforce, enhancing customer service and experience.


Finance & Accounting Systems

Immediate access to up-to-date financial data within Salesforce aids in strategic planning and customer relationship management. 


Student Information Systems

Eliminate manual data entry and ensure real-time data synchronization by integrating Student Information Systems with Salesforce, enhancing operational efficiency and academic success.


Bespoke Applications

To avoid fragmented data insights, ensure proprietary or industry-specific tools share data with Salesforce. 


Top 5 Reason To Choose Horton

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1 / Versatile Integration Expertise

Our team's extensive experience covers Salesforce integration and a wide range of platforms, offering tailored solutions to meet your unique business requirements. 

2 / Independence and Objectivity

As an independent partner, we provide impartial advice and solutions, ensuring your integration choices align with your best interests. We remain platform-agnostic, allowing us to tailor solutions that fit your specific needs. 

3 / Flexible Integration Tools

Choose between MuleSoft and Azure Integration Services, giving you the flexibility to select the tool that best suits your needs and budget. 

4 / Stress-Free Staffing

Eliminate recruitment concerns by tapping into our top integration engineers, allowing your team to focus on vital business tasks. 

5 / Long-Term Partnership

Partnering with Horton means establishing a lasting relationship committed to your ongoing success, adapting integrations as your business evolves.

Ready to unify all your systems beyond Salesforce? Contact us, and lets transform your business together 

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